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The Sharing Circle


Lyle and I have spent several weeks sharing the details of HP’s new ExpertONE program with you, now we’d like to hear from you.  What do YOU want to tell us about the value of certification?  What do you want or expect from us?  The HP ExpertONE program was developed based on feedback from customers, partners, and our certified community.  We’d like to continue to hear from you.  What do you have to share?


Specifically, in my role as the Director of Learning Product Management, I’m interested in hearing your ideas about:

  • what makes web-based training effective or ineffective?
  • what do you like/dislike about classroom-based courseware?
  • what is most helpful to you from a self-study perspective?

Of course, as with the “sharing circle” at preschool, anything you want to share is fine.  Watch out though,  if my past history is any indication, if I see something I like, I may decide I need one of my own.

Cert Doctor
About the Author


Rebekah leads the Global Product Development team for the HP ExpertOne program and has an extensive background in training and human performance improvement. In addition to her work experience, Rebekah earned her Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement in 2006.


Hi CertDoc,


The questions you are asking are difficult because as a certified professional we always want maximum... so now reality..


What backing do you guys really have to make this a success??  It's easy to give you feedback but do you have the budget to make these recommendations a reality?? So these will not be easy questions to answer.... So we go with what is possible... Here is my link in your sharing circle.



  • what makes web-based training effective or ineffective?   firstly; Web-based training is ideal because you can log on whereever you are which makes it probably the most effective means of training and sometimes on the job training...  where the effectiveness comes into play is the training lecturers you use. they have to keep the individual interested. The sessions cannot  be more than 20mins per module or else it's just too long to sit in a particluar position or environment. so you can split up the modules and make it 3 session for every module.  Secondly; getting into the web-based training must be quick and easy and so must the registration be or else guys are just not interested in going through a lenghty process. Thirdly; web based must be able to work on all website platforms.... firefox, safari, IE etc.... also not forgetting that the iPad's today don't have Flash available and most guys have started using ipad as effective communication tools and it's easy to carry around not to mention that our manufactures have started to take on apple so it really will become the norm by 2011... i would recommend looking at CBTNuggets ( as they really have a good web-based training program for most certifications and they easy to use (or atleast i think so) 

  • what do you like/dislike about classroom-based courseware? i cannot tell you much here except that the training has to be qualified with the right equipment for the courses they are teaching. Proper training material must be available and this should include a CD with the PDF version attached.  Even if you have to lock the printing function too only 2 copies printable but this is crucial.. as you canot always carry your material around with you.
  • what is most helpful to you from a self-study perspective?  Self Study is absolutely the best as long as you have discipline... for most guys that travel self study of press books or CD's is crucial as it becomes easy to travel with your book to study while on conference or work etc. i would even recommend DVD self study lessons, so you just pop it into dvd-rom and you can even watch on a 16 hour flight to New York etc. As i mentioned before IPAD' sare becoming the most common business communication tool and what if you have podcasts available that you can load onto your IPAD or IPAD or BlackBerry etc... i would recommend visiting TrainSignal ( these guyes do amazing work... i did my CCDA, CCNP and MCITP self study through there material and they have the Video files in iPhone/ IPAD / IPOD/ MP3 format... so even before the iPAD was available i was learning off my first IPhone and these easy to copy to your itunes and sync to your phone or ipad/ipod.

    My preferences would be for Web-Based or Self Study based on the information i've given you above. i don't mind carrying a book every now and again but i use my IPAD and Laptop for Training and with your IPAD it also becomes a reference tool onsite as you can go to a section and quickly refresh your knowledge if it's been a while.... which happens.


    Anyway CertDoc... i hope this is a good start of information...i'm looking forward to the renewed energy invested into the program and it was a pleasure to meet Lyle at London's ETSS Summit. so i'll be staying in Touch..... hopefully we meet someday.... always good to put a face to the name


    If you have any questions please let me know...


    Ciao Gsauls


    Grant, you make some really great points; thanks for taking the time to respond.  I appreciate your honest query about what backing we have.  I agree that we need to go with what’s possible and what has the biggest impacts.  We also have to prioritize the “big ticket” items and fund accordingly.  These are all things we will be doing over the next year to eighteen months and we will be looking to active community members like yourself to help guide us.


    For the HP Networking certs we’ve tried very hard to make the WBTs more engaging, more modularized (for easy consumption), and more directed to the specific learning requirements without a lot of extraneous information.  I’m not saying we’re hitting on all cylinders yet, but we’ve made significant improvements in this area and continue to do so.


    I also appreciate the pointer to TrainSignal as well.  Looks like some great stuff! 


    Thanks again for taking the time to respond.  I’m glad you and Lyle had an opportunity to connect.


    Rebekah (AKA CertDoctor)


    It's a pleasure Rebekah.


    i fully understand that the transformation will take time and lots of energy but the results will be good.


    keep in touch.




    Hi CertDoc,


    So how has the sharing Circle been going.... i enjoyed the Webcast last week..... So what is HP Cert team Learning how they going to bring about the change.... 


    There hasn't been many replies from the ExpertOne forum.... So what type of RoadMap have you guys starting working on....


    i saw Lyle's piece on Wendall and that was great as a stepping stone for Cisco guys to jump onto the new ExpertOne program but what other strategic marketing is coming that will hold the interest of the cert guys....


    Anyway... Just some items to think about and get a discussion going between us.






    Hi Grant,


    Just a few comments...


    1. We are diligently working on extensive modifications to our programs, certifications portfolio's, community strategies and marketing efforts. 


    2. I explained in London and Frankfurt that our first step was to announce the ExpertONE program as the umbrella that would incorporate future changes, across the face of our offerings over the next several years.  However, as we've described the scope of the change we are initiating is very large and will take some time to implement.  You will begin to see these changes implemented over the new few months.


    3. Specific to your question regarding strategic marketing will be our increasing use of web 2.0 (and even web 3.0!), tools and techniques to improve our quality of materials and communications with all segments of our user community.  Rebekah and I am very aware of the difficulty in using our front end systems and the need to improve the user experience as quickly as possible.


    4. Grant, I was listening closely to your comments about consolidated "centers" of information and collaboration for the certification community.  This is a key element of our strategy but I need some time to turn this very large ship a'bout!   Stay tuned!




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