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There’s opportunity for everyone in HP ExpertONE


This is a very exciting time to be with HP.


It hasn’t been quite a year yet since I joined HP, so this is my first time to attend the big customer conference, HP DISCOVER. I am in awe as I look around at the ten thousand or so people who came to Las Vegas to learn about the future of computing. Then again, I’m not surprised that so many people are here to see for themselves how HP is changing the IT industry.


If I had to pick a single word to describe the theme of the conference content, it would definitely be “convergence.” In Tuesday morning’s general session, Dave Donatelli presented the CI products that were announced Monday and followed that with a detailed explanation of our end to end product strategy. 

As I think about all of this technology convergence, I am reminded that there’s more to the successful deployment of business solutions than just great technology. People are also a critical component. More specifically, companies need people with the right expertise to work with new solutions such as HP VirtualSystem, HP CloudSystem and HP AppSystem. As it happens, there are about two thousand members of HP ExpertONE here at HP DISCOVER who are learning about these technologies and how to turn them into great business solutions for HP customers.


HP’s Converged Infrastructure and CloudSystem strategies will change the way our customers think about how to implement these technologies in their IT organizations to support their business. As more and more customers want these technologies in their environments, the need for ExpertONE professionals with the right skills and knowledge will only continue to grow. There’s plenty of opportunity for everyone. Even if you aren’t here in Vegas getting your first taste of these newest HP products, we encourage you to join the ExpertONE community and start building your expertise—you’re going to need it.

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With over 25 years of sales, channel management and business leadership in technology markets, Lyle Speirs leads demand generation and marketing of certification and learning solutions across the HP portfolio of product, services and solutions

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