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Training material for ALM V11 exam

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Training material for ALM V11 exam

can anyone post the training material for ALM Certification

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Re: Training material for ALM V11 exam



HP training material is considered our Intellectual Property so it is not allowed to be posted publically on a website.


To find other areas where you can get access to courseware or training on HP ExpertOne certifications, please check or for more information on the ExpertOne program.


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Re: Training material for ALM V11 exam

Hi There,


Per your comment i had registered it but no where it ends..


Pls help me to take up this HP ALM ver 11 training or any metarials if you have pls send to me


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Re: Training material for ALM V11 exam

Training material for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) v11 is only available to students who attend the training class.  You can find class schedules and location on the HP Software Education website.


I've attached a link to the document showing the HP Software certification portfolio and certification paths. It includes the course codes and  exam numbers.

HP Software Certifications


If you have more questions, please post them to this discussion thread.

Thank you,

Karl Kovacs
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Re: Training material for ALM V11 exam