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Upgrade Your Career: Get HP ExpertOne Certified on NNMi v9



HP ExpertOne Network Node Manager (NNMi) Certification

HP Network Node Manager i (NNMi) software gives your network operations team powerful capabilities for managing a network of any size efficiently, reducing the business risk of downtime and increasing network service levels.


Why upgrade to NNMi v9?

NNMi v9 represents a major version upgrade, encompassing strategic and ongoing investments by HP in network management products. NNMi v9 increases ROI dramatically, by significantly enhancing ease of use, speed of deployment, and value returned. NNMi v9 is a major rewrite of the earlier, leading-edge NNMi 7 series, taking advantage of state-of-the-art coding methodologies used by today’s software developers. 


The primary advantages to customers upgrading to NNMi v9 include extreme scale, unified polling, a single configuration point, and a common console for all users, enhanced by a “user roles and responsibilities” login facility. NNMi v9 also enables extremely low administrative overhead, without sacrificing a sophisticated root cause analysis set of features.


The typical network management platform might be tasked with hundreds of thousands of events in a single day. With most NMS systems, these unconnected and meaningless events just clog up the event browser, and the operator has to review each separate event to try to figure out what is happening on the network. NNMi eliminates these problems, by analyzing incoming events in real time through RCA and correlating them on a massive scale. Instead of having thousands of events visible in the browser, NNMi can generate a single root-cause-based incident with the events being correlated under the parent incident.


Other capabilities that differentiate NNMi are its Spiral Discovery Engine, its real-time layer-2 fault analysis and database, and its ability to monitor virtual and physical networks.


Take advantage of powerful new enhancements, including operator efficiency and scalability, virtualization technologies, and smart plug-ins. Upgrade to NNMi v9 today!


HP AIS - BSM Network Node Manager i v9 Certification

HP AIS - BSM Network Node Manager i v9 certification positions you as a recognized administrator for HP NNMi and as a valuable player in a business service management team. This certification belongs to the pool of foundational credentials that HP offers in the Business Service Management area.


The HP AIS – BSM Network Node Manager i v9 certification replaces the expired AIS – HP Network Management Center Software v7 certification. The new certification focuses on the many product advancements of HP NNMi v9, including operator efficiency and scalability, virtualization technologies, and the smart plug-ins that are now available with HP NNMi.


BSM NNMi v9 certification assesses the capability of technical professionals to demonstrate, deploy, and manage HP BSM NNMi 9.x software by integrating it into customers’ networking environments. It demonstrates that you have the knowledge to install, configure, operate, and maintain HP Network Node Manager i to manage small-to-medium networked enterprises, and that you’re qualified to work with operations teams that manage large enterprise networks.


Certification also verifies that you can perform advanced administrative tasks, including:

  • Communication, discovery, and monitoring configuration
  • Node and interface group configuration
  • Management station configuration
  • User security and tenant configuration
  • Describe out-of-the-box integrations with other HP tools 

Why earn this certification?

NNMi v9 certification validates your ability to deploy, administer, and manage HP BSM Network Node Manager i 9.x Software by integrating it into the networking environment. It positions you as a recognized administrator for NNMi v9 and as a unique player in your company’s business service management enterprise team. It also makes you a critical asset to any IT department that needs to implement HP NNMi to manage small, medium, or large networked enterprises.



The ideal candidate for this exam is a network administrator, solution architect, presales technical consultant, or implementer working as part of a team or under the supervision of a senior consultant when dealing with complex, enterprise-wide deployments. Typical candidates for this certification have administered, managed, and operated small-to-large HP NNMi installations for 3-6 months.


Certification Path

To earn HP AIS – BSM Network Node Manager i v9 certification, you must pass the HP0-M51 exam: HP BSM Network Node Manager i 9.x Software. To get started, review the HP BSM Network Node Manager i 9.x Software Exam Preparation Guide, then register for the exam on the Pearson HP ExpertOne Testing Portal.


NNMi v9


Recommended training

We recommend taking the NNMi120 – Network Node Manager i Software 9.x Essentials course to help you pass the exam. The course is designed for network and/or system administrators tasked with installing, configuring, and maintaining NNMi. The course includes training on the NNMi Smart Plug-In (NNMI SPI) Performance for Metrics software and hands-on lab exercises.


Visit the HP Software Education Services website to review course details and to register for this course. Select your country from the dropdown list at the top of the page. 



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