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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself!


Welcome! Introduce yourself!

Welcome to the Partner Ready Certification & Learning community. This community is for our current and prospective certification holders to ask questions about certifications and the training offered. You are also welcome to explore and contribute to all the other forums on topics like servers, storage, networking, cloud and more.

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself!

My name is Michael Smith. I have HPE Certifications and expertise in Storage, Networking, Servers, and Sales.

I work for FedTek,  an HPE Gold Partner, as a Pre-Sales Engineer and as a Server Field Technician.

I am currently in school for a degree in Computer Science.

One unexpected benefit from HPE Education is how well it has helped me in school. I know things as a result of studying HPE Education material and taking classes that really put me at the top of the class and has earned me recognition from students, professors, and my home campus dean. HPE Learning goes hand in hand with my job and because of the work I do and the people I work with, I thought that everybody in this field knows the same things I do. Now I realize that through HPE Learning I have other advantages in addition to just professional recognition and accreditation.


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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself!

My name is Kirk Laflamme. I've worked in the industry of Technology since 1990 after graduating from Technical College in Ottawa. Directly went into the Federal Government and proceeded to train and develop my skills in Storage & Compute. I (we) relocated to New England where I began to transition a large financial Data Center to Compaq technologies. Thanks to a great Compaq team from Marlborough, we had full success. This is where I rose to the challenge of being a storage champ. With rigorous dedication and respect for the firm I worked for, I proceed to become a MASE in storage. Since that time, I have held four generations of the MASE certification and sustained an ever-rising salary thanks to great opportunities with Partners and customers.

I am employed at CompuCom Canada, that has been highly supportive of my goals in HPE technologies and developments.

Compaq & HPE Education has helped me all the way, I am gratfull and appreciative to all the team in Canada and the US for my success in the industry.


Kirk Laflamme, MASEV2 & Brocade FP


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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself!

Hello All,

This is Siddhartha Shah, Partner at Navkar Infotech, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are in IT industry since 1992, and have more than 24 years of experience in field of IT, Networking, Server and Peripherals.

Technology architect at base level. Passionate for Technology and Gadgets.. Striving for benefits for client. Working as Pre-sales and Support Technician...

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself!

Welcome Siddhartha!

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself!

My name is Pete Howard, I am with ComnetCo, Inc. an HPE Gold Partner. We are focused on High Performance Computing across the U.S. and just came onboard along with the SGI acquisition.

I attended my first HPE Discover in Las Vegas this year, completed 2 courses while there and passed my first ATP certification exam. The MyLearning classroom experience was great, both Tony M. and Hans B. were very engaging and knowledgeable.

There is so much material available for partners, couldn't be happier to be part of this community.

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself!

Hi Pete! Welcome aboard! We are so glad you are here!

Thanks for introducing yourself!