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What happens to my existing certification with the new HP ExpertONE program?


With the acquisition craziness, redesign of the networking certifications and launch of

 HP's ExpertONE certification program , it’s easy to forget that not everyone is clear on what we’re doing for the 3Com, H3C, and TippingPoint certification holders.  Tomorrow may just seem like another day when you still have questions about what happens to the investments you’ve made in certification. 


To help clarify things, I’d like to share the approach we took as we redesigned the HP ExpertONE networking certifications:


  1. First, we wanted to make sure we created our courseware with appropriate emphasis on the A, E, V and S-series.  This was intentional so that people who were already familiar with the E-series could just take the A-series courseware and vice-versa.  The goal being that we didn’t want to force people to have to repeat content they already know. This is not only a waste of time and money, it is simply inefficient.
  2. We wanted people to have clear upgrade paths for certification.  The harder it is for you to figure out what the recommended next steps are in a certification program, the more likely you will be to simply “drop out” and go find someone who is, as one of my old bosses used to say,  ETDBW (eat-bwah—seriously, that’s how he pronounced the acronym).  For those of you not familiar with eat-bwah—it stands for easy-to-do-business-with.
  3. We wanted to ensure that current certification holders were not left “out in the cold” so-to-speak and that your certifications would still have value.   We recognize that hundreds of thousands of people have put time and effort into HP, 3COM, H3C and TippingPoint certifications.  All of those certifications can still be listed on resumes, business cards, etc.—although more important than the name is that the skills learned through those certifications are still valid.  The new HP ExpertONE networking certifications are simply the next step in learning about open, standards-based networking solutions.

“Thank you for flying with us.”

These three guiding principles were critical to how we developed the new HP Networking certification portfolio and upgrade paths.  If you hold an HP ProCurve, 3Com, H3C, TippingPoint, or Cisco certification, download our upgrade paths .pdf. This document will address many of your questions and help you plan next steps.


At the risk of sounding like an airline flight attendant, we recognize that you have a choice when selecting a networking certification program.  We’re glad you’ve chosen to learn with us, and hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day with fewer unanswered questions.


Until next time,


Cert Doctor
About the Author


Rebekah leads the Global Product Development team for the HP ExpertOne program and has an extensive background in training and human performance improvement. In addition to her work experience, Rebekah earned her Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement in 2006.


Why should I bother spending $3600.00 on a course that does not prepare me to pass the Certification exam?  According to the HP course description, taking the course does not guarantee passing the exam. TRUE NOTHING guaranties passing the exam, but any good course should provide the information needed to pass an exam!


I recently took an HPExpertOne exam and 24 of 51 questions were based on knowledge NOT even discussed in the courseware or in the class.  So again I ask Why should I pay $3600 for a course that does not provide me with the knowledge to do my job.  I am still expected to have 1 to 2 years real-time experience.  I can understand that rational. So again I ask, if I have been installing this product succesfuly in real-time situations, what good does taking this course do me?

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