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Why we celebrate our female Master ASEs in March


HPE_Women in Tech social media card_March 1.jpg#BeBoldForChange#BeBoldForChange is the theme for the 2017 International Women’s Day, celebrated this year on March 8. March is also National Women’s History month. That’s why for March, we are highlighting some of the many successful female HPE Master Accredited Solution Experts from around the world to further encourage other women to pursue careers in technology.

There are plenty of research and news that provide reasons why women are not choosing technology careers. There are also plenty of news about the gap between the skills called for in open positions and the skills that potential hires currently possess making it difficult to find the right talent to fill those open positions. The Financial Times reported in 2016 that there are 600K tech job vacancies just in the UK alone, and that is forecasted to rise to 1M by 2020. If statistics proves true, this will have an impact on the economic health of a country.  Keeping this in mind, I want to lend my voice in encouraging women and girls who are seeking technical job placement to pursue available technical development training and get properly certified on the type of skills needed to be a solid contender to fill the vacancies. 

Technical certification is important because technology is changing at a rapid pace. The best way to stay up-to-date is through technical certifications because IT certifications:

  • Validate your knowledge and skills
  • Help you remain competitive and employable
  • Give you job proficiency faster
  • Demonstrate dedication to your career

Earning a certification is not an easy undertaking. For most people, it requires a significant investment of your time and for some, there may be a financial investment as well. But it is well worth it. According to the 2016 Certification Magazine salary survey, 74 percent of those surveyed say that “gaining increased knowledge and skills is the most important benefit of getting a certification.”

This month you are going to meet several of our female Master ASEs, including:

  • JoAnn Catcott – JoAnn began her career in the arts, but changed her focus to technology, where she was still able to apply her creativity using technology to solve customer problems.
  • Karyl Miller – As a military spouse, Karyl found herself frequently having to relocate when her husband’s orders changed. Her career in technology offered her the flexibility to continue her career with each move.
  • Rene Feitelson – Her love of math naturally extended to include computers, and therefore the career path seemed obvious. Learn about her passion for excellent I/O performance.

Those are just a sampling of some of the women we will be featuring this month who have completed the necessary steps to validate their skills and knowledge to earn an HPE Master ASE certification. As shown by these Mastermind profiles, careers in technology can be incredibly fulfilling and lucrative. In pursuing a career in technology, I want to encourage you to commit to lifelong to further your skills.

Kelly Ducourty
Senior Vice President
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

twitter.gif @Kelly_Ducourty
linkedin.gif Kelly-Ducourty-591754

About the Author


Kelly is a Senior Vice President at HPE who leads the Business development, Enablement, Solutions and Technology (BEST) organization, which is a vital part of Global Sales in the Enterprise Group. In this role, she makes sure core teams in Global Sales and Engineering work together to deliver innovative solutions that create valuable business outcomes for HPE customers and partners. Kelly began her career at HPE in 1998 and recently moved from the U.K. to Palo Alto, California. She is passionate about STEM-C education and career development for girls and young women, and works closely with HPE leaders to champion the company’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.


Yes I agree with you that "Earning a certification is not an easy undertaking", but at the end you will be very happy to gain and achive the "HPE Master ASE certification", also make us accountable to maintain it and get our rewards accordingly.

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