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i want my certificate

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i want my certificate

dear can u tell me where can i get certificate which is i am alredy pass the hp2-h08 exam last 15 days but steel i cant get certificate

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Re: i want my certificate

First of all, congratulations on passing your exam!


If you still don't see this exam on your transcript, you can contact the ExpertOne support team and they will be able to help you. - For North America - For Latin America - For Europe, Middle East and Africa - For Asia Pacific, Japan


Hope that helps!


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Re: i want my certificate

Hello Michelle


this is a two part question.....part one-


Iam currently studyong for the HP2-H08 certification,


  is this the only sert i would need to repair customer and commercial Pc's workstations  and laptops.




part two.   This mioght be an old post also found some info on the fundamentals  but no details on the them before the

HP2-H08 and also i believe i havre the old 32 bis  ( light greyish parts in the diagnostic ) 95, 98 windows  os for thatis ..

is this part accurate or did i stumble across old diagnostics that wont be used



HP Training

HP PC Diagnostics

course no. CS886A-EWB) this is it ..???




Derrick Vaughn

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