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Bios Not Installed

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Sean T. Craig
Honored Contributor

Re: Bios Not Installed

Hi Again Jose,

That 4GB limitation was corrected with SP3 of NT4 but unfortunately, there is no O/S release with SP3 or higher, therefore, you need to remove some RAM, finish the installation, apply SP3 or higher, then re-add your RAM.

The DLT Drive issue may have something to do with the controller you are connected to. You will want a minimum of an Adaptec 29160 controller to run that drive. What is it connected to now? Not the RAID controller, I hope.

Best of luck. All points are well appreciated.

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

I am King...of my apartment.
Jose Me
Occasional Advisor

Re: Bios Not Installed

Hi Sean

Well, In the setup configuraton , there is an option:
"Embedded LAN and SCSI settings" I press Enter and it is displayed a submenu:
Enable LVD SCSI or
Enable HP Net RAID

I chose Enable HP Net RAID, do you refer to this? should I have chosen Enable LVD SCSI?

when I see my system configuration in windows:
SCSI and RAID Controllers:

*Adaptec AHA 2940u/aha2940UW PCI SCSI Controller
*Hewlett Packart NetRAID 4m- RAID controller
*Integrated HP NET RAID

what should I have done?

Sean T. Craig
Honored Contributor

Re: Bios Not Installed

Hi Jose,

You want to leave the BIOS set to Enabled HP NetRAID. This is for your hard drives.

I don't know why you have a 4M card in there. Is there and external hard drive array connected to the server as well? The 4M is a high-end RAID card and is a more complicated for configuring. If you have nothing connected to it, I recommend removing it to free up the resources in your system.

The adaptec 2940 card is a SCSI Card like the one you will want to connect your DLT drive to but I'm not sure if that one will support it. Try connecting the drive to the PCI card that has only one external port on it (the 4M has 4 ports externally) and use A when it scans though that controller. Be careful because the 4M card also uses A as a means of accessing the utility. Check the device list to see if the drive is listed. If not, you may need to replace it with a 29160 card.

Hope this helps,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

P.S. Feel free to assign points to the responses based how valuable they have been to you.

I am King...of my apartment.
Sean T. Craig
Honored Contributor

Re: Bios Not Installed

Ha ha, you beat my post with the points. Thanks very much.
I am King...of my apartment.
Nauman Shaukat
New Member

Re: Bios Not Installed

Hi, you have suggested several options for fresh install but none for existing installations having the same problem. My ML110 which is used as a web server just restarted this morning and is now giving this error: Bios not installed, no logical device found. I just hope that the data is intact.
Pls advise how to fix it.