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Changing Raid Types on LC 2000

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Changing Raid Types on LC 2000

We have an LC 2000 with the Netraid controller and would like to change the raid type on one array.

We have one disk with a restored copy of our data running on it's own. We also have 3 new disks to replace it and make it a raid 5 array. it possible to inset two of the new disks (into the two remaining slots) and change the raid type to '5', then remove the original disk and insert the third? Or do I have to backup and restore the data to the new disks?

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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: Changing Raid Types on LC 2000

well not a lot of detail, but we can do some supposition:

If you have all the same disks, (old and new) you may do something

If you have a disk configured as a raid0 on a netraid (1si 3si, 1M 2M), yes you can, you need to migrate from Raid 0 to raid 5 adding the two disk.
youcan use the Express tools (CTRL-M) at boot,
you can use netraid assistant within windows
youcan use netraid aassistant booting from the netserver navigator.

when the migration to raid 5 is done, you can fail the original disk, and exchange it withnew one, then rebuild the raid