Re: Enter the BIOS setup on an HP Netserver

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Jack Sibrizzi
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Enter the BIOS setup on an HP Netserver

Hello All,

Can anyone tell me how to enter the BIOS setup on an HP Netserver LH Pro?

I need to get it to boot from a CD, therefore I need to change the boot sequence.

I tried F1, F2, and DEL during the boot. But the server just loads the OS from the HD.

Booting from disc works fine.

I checked the jumpers on the MB (#4 will lock the cgf) - and they are fine.

The setup discs do not help - missing a file name !HWP2090.CFG - can not find it on the Internet.

Also, I never see a msg about how to enter the BIOS setup, just the one for the SCSI.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Enter the BIOS setup on an HP Netserver

The LH Pro used an EISA bus and requires the EISA Configuration Utility, or ECU, to change the BIOS settings. The program is available online. If you can not boot from the floppy, I would download the BIOS update diskette and flash the BIOS also to clear the EISA settings and get them back to default boot from floppy first, setting.
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Jack Sibrizzi
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Re: Enter the BIOS setup on an HP Netserver

Thank you e4services for your help.

I cancelled the utility program because it was looking for a file name !HWP2090.CFG on the A: disc. The utility indicated that it would "remove" the board associated with !HWP2090.CFG, and I did not want to take that risk.

This utility (EISA Configuration Utility)is the one from...

As suggested, I am going to restore the BIOS from the hp resource - rerun ECU - and take it from there.

I'll post the results for others to read.
Sean T. Craig
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Re: Enter the BIOS setup on an HP Netserver

Hi Jack,

The file you're looking for (!HWP2090.CFG) is only found on the ECU for the Netserver LM. You can download it from this link:

Let us know how it goes,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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Wayne Turner
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Re: Enter the BIOS setup on an HP Netserver

OK, I have a bunch of these LH Pros, and I have the floppy disks for updating the BIOS, and the ECU disk, and Diag disk. Now, exactly what do the settings need to be for getting the darn things to boot from the cdrom? I have configured all of the drives as one logical drive.
When I run the ECU I do not see any setting to boot from CD, all I see is a setting to disable booting from floppy...which in this case would probably be a disaster since that is the thing I can boot from.