Re: HP LH II memory addition

Dj Nauta
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HP LH II memory addition

We are attempting to add RAM to a LH II. The system had 128mb which was removed and 1gb was added. We were directed to the ECU to configure the BIOS to accept the new memory config. Once booted (SCO 5.0.4) memsize shows the correct amount of memory (1gb) however the system is running extremely poor. We applied various SCO tunning parameters with no change. Is there something we missed in the ECU menus? The parts ordered were 4ea D4926A. Thanks for any and all information

DJ Nauta
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Re: HP LH II memory addition

You should not need to configure anything in BIOS for the memory, there is nothing that needs to be done.
The system is checking the full GB during boot with no errors?
The part number is fine, and if it was not the system would not boot or give error.
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Bob Curnock

Re: HP LH II memory addition

Call me old fashioned - but surely the LHII max memory config is 512Mb - see
this doc states - Up to 1 GB of memory can be added on the LH Plus/Pro; the LH II can hold up to 512 MB of memory