HP LXr PRO8 Who can help me with advise or PSU

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HP LXr PRO8 Who can help me with advise or PSU

My hobby is testing servers with 8 or more cpu's.

It took me several years to find this HP Netserver LXr Pro8 and he was working for several years in good condition. Since 2 years, I move to another place and I found some time to assembling my most favorit server. 
He doesn't want to start-up nohtw!! The 4 power supplies have a green and orange light but the green light I will need to start the server doesn't work. I search everywhere but can't find the reason. I follow the instruction word by word but NO result   Now, I only can think that the power supplies are defect!!         

I miss my machine. I'm searching for help but can't find. I'm looking for power supplies but can't find. I'm sure that there are still parts and I'm very sure that there still people with a lot of knowledge hoes can help me.

I hope that I will find someone soon. Or power supplies!!

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Re: HP LXr PRO8 Who can help me with advise or PSU

Hopefully, you got help on this but if not, an alternative would be to check with HPE's Pre-Sales

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Chat with our presales specialists.



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