HP NetServer LxrPro Image

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HP NetServer LxrPro Image

Ok this may be futile, but I have to try. Please fogive me. I have an HP LxrPro NetServer with two Arrays configured on the HP MegaRaid Controller. The server runs Windows NT 4.0 (I know). We want to get take an image of this server so that it can be virtualized using VMWare's ESX server. In the past we tried Ghost, and a few other off the wall solutions that worked for Mylex Controllers, but never the MegaRaid controller. Does anyone know of ANY imaging product that can do the job. Thanks in Advance
Bryan Eley
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Re: HP NetServer LxrPro Image

Hi Mike,

I can't vouch for how well this software works but it does have a lot of raid controller support, including some megaraids. It runs about $45.

The fully-functional 15-day trial can be found here:

Hope this helps!