HP Netserver 5/100 LC start problem in BIOS

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HP Netserver 5/100 LC start problem in BIOS

Hi, I'm new on the board and try to find some information about my server I got from a company. I got a error on startup the system:


System RAM test passed

Extended RAM test passed

UMB upper limit segment adress: F662

System checksum bad - run Configuration Utility


Adaptec AIC-7770 BIOS v.2.12S Release


BIOS installed Sucessfully!


Error code(s): 0202

To see explanation of the errors:

Press F1 to boot from the Utility Partition


Insert the HP Netserver Navigator CD-Rom into the CD-Rom drive

and press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart the server


When I press the F1 it runs through to the Windows startup and hangy with a blu screen after a while


I was not able to go in the BIOS, no Key-Kombination is running (DEL, F1, F2, SPACE,, CTRL-ALT-ESC).

I also made a BIOS-update with no result - update writes it was sucessfull, but at start from the BIOS-Update it couldn't read the actuell Versions from the actual system


How could I handle this? And I couldn't found the Navigator CD-ROM


best regards and many thanks