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HP Netserver LP1000r

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HP Netserver LP1000r



I have a question about an HP Netserver LP1000r.

Does this server have an integrated RAID controller?

Or must be an PCI board attached on the system?


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Re: HP Netserver LP1000r




The LP1000R does not have an integrated RAID controller built into the system board. If you need it, you will have to install a separate SCSI RAID controller into the one available PCI slot.

The NetServer LP 1000r has an embedded dual-channel Ultra 3 Wide PCI SCSI controller. It has 2 Channels. Channel A is used for cabling to the hot swap hard disk cage. Channel B is connected to an external port for external SCSI devices.



For adding an additional Disk Array Controller (NetRAID), as per the documents available, HP recommends only using the NetRAID “1Si “ (D2140A) PCI board in Netserver lp 1000r


Part number: D2140-69004


Description: NetRaid-1Si one-channel disk array controller - PCI board with one internal 68-pin High Density and one external 68-pin Ultra High Density SCSI connector.



However, the above part is currently not available in production.




****You may also refer below HP document for HP Netserver LP 1000r  FAQ:





Helpful links:


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I am an HP employee.

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