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HP Netsever LH Plus 5/166

Occasional Contributor

HP Netsever LH Plus 5/166

I would like to know if anyone could point me in a direction to help me setup this HP serve?

I have a Netserver LH Plus 5/166 with four hard drive. On the upper shelf has a 4G and 9G in bay 1 and 2 the same for lower shelf on bay 4 and 5.

I would like to setup this server to connect four users with Internet and printer access. I have a 5SiNX and a 4500N HP printer that are network read. I'm very knowledgeable with computer; I can build and trouble very well. The only thing I have not done is setup a network or a server.

Thanks for you help it is greatly appreciated.

Re: HP Netsever LH Plus 5/166

Hi There,


if you are looking to rebuild the server from the scratch then you need a LH Plus EISA Configuration Utility to configure the BIOS and other settings.


To configure the Raid with 4 hard drive you need familarity with Netraid controller configuration if you have it there.


HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM will assist to setup the whole system for you.


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