HP Toptools remote controll password

Leon Ward
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HP Toptools remote controll password

How do i reset the username / password on my HP D6028A Toptools remote controll card.
I can connect to it with a web browser but it asks for a password when clicking on configuration, remote control etc.
Thanks, nard
Bill Arthur
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Re: HP Toptools remote controll password

Wow, I just joined this forum and there's something that I can answer. I just bought a D6028A on ebay and have exactly the same problem.

The answer is that there is a utility on the Navigator CD to reset the password. Here is what the HP docs say:

"If you are the TopTools Remote Control card administrator and have forgotten your password, there is a special utility on the HP NetServer Navigator CD that will allow you to reset the TopTools Remote Control user database back to the factory defaults (Login=ADMIN, Password=ADMIN). Note that doing this will erase all existing user account information.

To reset the database, go to the server with the TopTools Remote Control card. Insert the HP NetServer Navigator CD (L.16.00 or above) and reboot the server. Then find and run the Reset TopTools RCC User Database utility (under
NetServer Utilities or Toolbox from the Navigator Main Menu).