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HP netserver LH3000 with damaged raid controller

Daniel Vikström
Occasional Visitor

HP netserver LH3000 with damaged raid controller


I have an LH3000 with a damaged raid controller is it possible to move the disk to another server to read them? the only server I have at hands right now is a HP DL380, but I'm unsure if it will work and also if I will damage the raid info on the disks making it impossible to read the info.
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: HP netserver LH3000 with damaged raid controller


the Netserver series use the Netraid array controller, the Proliant use the SmartArray raid controller and both are not interchangeable, so the answer is NO.

If you are using the onboard Netraid controller in your LH3000, what you could do is buy a Netraid PCI plug-in card on the internet (i.e. e-bay or alike) and move the SCSI cable from the onboard controller onto the PCI Netraid controller.
This will allow you to import the raid information from the disks into the PCI Netraid card and boot via that card.
The PCI Netraid card 1si is compatible with
the LH3000 onboard Netraid controller.

Or if you alrady use a PCI Netraid card, try to find the same one on the internet i.e.
If you have a Netraid 4M, then this is not compatible with with the other Netraid controller series, just keep that in mind, the other are compatible and allow to move disks.



The only other alternative is another systemboard for the LH3000.