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Help with NetServer LH II. Video not working.

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Help with NetServer LH II. Video not working.

Hello. A friend gave me an old NetServer LH II. He told me the server was not wrking and that sometime ago he took it to a technician, who was unable to solve his problem. As this was really a long time ago he doesn´t remember neither what the technician said nor which the problem is.

I have some experience with desktop computers but not with servers. The problem (or at least one of them) is the video. I turn on the computer and I have no video. I try with two different monitors (screens). Also I added and old pci trident video card and plug again both monitors but I didnt succeed. I also saw a jumper on the system board that allows to enable/disable video, I changed its position and tried everything again but I was unlucky.

I don't know if this will help but the server has two HD (model D3583c) 4.2 GB, apparently one with win2000 and the other with winMe. There is a PCI ethernet card, 160 MB of RAM and one processor configured to 266Mhz. I also installed a aterminator board in the secondary cpu slot.

I have no idea why I dont have video, I can hear the HD working so I assume that maybe the O.S. starts and everything is fine except from
the video. Maybe it is something really basic that I have to configure, like disks positions (I dont know).

I would appreciate any help, ideas or suggestions.
Leonard Davison
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Re: Help with NetServer LH II. Video not working.

What RAM is installed.

PCI video in outside most slot should light the monitor - if not it could be a dead stick or RAM.
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Re: Help with NetServer LH II. Video not working.

Hello. Thanks for your answer, by now I thought nobody was going to answer.

The RAM that I installed is DIMM and those memories are working properly. I tried them in another machine. The same with the video card.

Moreover, I tried 2 different video cards. Also, I tried putting them in different slots, but no luck.

Have you got any other ideas? I think I am running out of solutions...