LH 4 PSU issues in NT4

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LH 4 PSU issues in NT4


I have a server in a very remote location, with no on site support staff to help. The server, LH4, is running NT 4.0 SP6.

I got a call from the monitoring dept stating that there were over 73,000 snmp traps they have collected from this server, can I investigate? So, I investigate.... Please bear in mind that I am part of a team who support over 2,000 servers UK wide!!

In the event log, sure enough, there is an application information event (not system alert, just for information!) stating that there is a faulty power supply in the unit, and that there is less than the minimum number of PSU's in the server. The minimum and maximum being two. There's an event being logged every minute for this problem, which is also sending a trap to HP openview in the monitoring dept.

I call someone on-site who tells me the PSU's are correctly connected and there are three Green LED's lit. Two on one PSU and one on the other. All LED's are green.

I have rebooted the server overnight, but downtime must be kept at a minimum as the customers who use the server must have access. The alerts are still being generated after reboot.

I cannot find fault with either PSU from what I can tell, and toptools says nothing other than the alert it has received from the server via SNMP. There is no distinct evidence to say that a PSU is at all faulty.

I am thinking of trying to completely power off and disconnect the server for ten minutes or so, incase the hardware has go itslelf in a twist.

Has anyone seen anything like this before that could shed some light on a potential gremlin working here please?

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Re: LH 4 PSU issues in NT4


The LH4 requires 3 power supplies minimum and 4 to be redundant. 3+1. If the server is up and running those errors are false because that server would be hard down with only 2 power supplies.. Make sure that you are at the latest version of agents version 5.54. Also in the Hardware Event Log you would also see messages regarding a failed power supply. IF there are no corresponding errors in the HEL then the SMNP errors you are seeing are confirmed false.

Here is the download page for the agents:

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