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Re: LH3 Netserver with Win 2k3

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LH3 Netserver with Win 2k3

Hi all.
I have an old LH3 Netserver that i get free from my company because they changed to another server better. The problem is that I haven´t got the Navigator CD because they missed it.
I´m trying to install Win 2k3. I have created RAID 5 with 4 drives and initializated them. I have the Netraid drivers from HP. When I install Win2k3 and press F6 to select de Netraid drivers a message says that Win2k3 have a modern version of this drivers and I use them. Everything goes ok but, when it shutdowns after copying the files, a message says "Error de lectura de disco" (Hard Drive Reading Error).
Someone can help me?
Thanks so much.
Barry Tegeler
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Re: LH3 Netserver with Win 2k3

This Person Deserves a GREAT DEAL OF APPRECIATION the link worked very well on DEC 14, 2006 at 315 EST John Musbach Dec 6, 2006 01:40:47 GMT N/A: Question Author

Uploaded another version of the NetServer Navigator CD for you guys which can be downloaded for free here: ...version M.04.05 which is intended for the following servers:

E 60
E 800
LH 3
LC 3
LXr 8000
LH 4
LXr 8500
LC 2000
LC 2000 U3
LH 3000
LH 3000 U3
LH 6000
LH 6000 U3
LT 6000r
LT 6000r U3
LP 1000r
LP 2000r

enjoy! :)
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Re: LH3 Netserver with Win 2k3

Sorry, I found it on the forum, but I couln't update the bios because I had an error with sdredit.exe. I already found the solution on this forum too, by updating the Magnament Console first with the mmcflash.exe. After updating the magnament console and the bios the problem dissapeared.
Thank you so much anyway. My server is now running fine with Win2003.
Thanks again for your great support.