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LH3 hard disk layout

I inherited 2 LH3 Netservers running W2K SP4 Standard edition. The person before me used a mixture of drives. I have a bad harddrive, but it obviously must be one of the 5 that doesn't have LED lights. I am trying to determine what the drive layout is for all the slots and cannot seem to find a document that maps it out on HP's website. Is disk0 bottom right, disk1 the next one up from that? Please help!!!
Robert Demmer_1
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Re: LH3 hard disk layout


check this link, maybe helpful.
As far as I remember you can also install "netraid assistant" software on your os in order to check/configure raid status and to locate at least the disks with led lights (flashing led).
There are some more technical documents available.


Sean T. Craig
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Re: LH3 hard disk layout

Hi There,

Yes, assuming that the server is pedestal mounted, the drives are numbered from the bottom up. The LH3 originally shipped with 1 drive cage with the ability to be expanded to 2 cages. The drive ID's are 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 on the right-hand side and are usually on channel 0 of your RAID controller.

All hotswap drives will have LED's on them. To be more accurate, the LED's are on the backplane and the light travels up plastic light tubes on the drives themselves. If there are no light tubes on the drives, they are probably filler panels used to cover up the gaping hole that would be left if there were no drive installed in the slot.

Robert is correct in that you should use the NetRAID Assistant to manage your array(s) from within Windows, but you can also do it at the BIOS level by pressing M at post when prompted. You can download NRA from this link:

Hope this helps,

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Re: LH3 hard disk layout

I looked through the tech docs on HP's site, but didn't see the layout, but eventually figured it out using Toptools. This server is on the frits and I am a little nervous installing anything on it at this point.

Thanks for your feedback as both were very helpful.