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Barry Tegeler
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LH4 Processor upgrade

I purchased a LH4 and would like to maximize perfomance. It has 4gig of ram and four 550mhz/1mb processors. I have found some new Intel 550mhz/2mb processors which are identified as SL3CF. Would these function properly if I exchanged the heatsinks from my current processors and used the same VRM's.Also would there be an advantage to using Windows 2000 vs NT4 in a small network? any advise is appreciated. This is rather area new to me and it was wonderful to discover a resource site with helpful people.
Gratefully, Barry
Hans-Jürgen Lange
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Re: LH4 Processor upgrade

Yes. Its possible to use the 2MB versions. The VRMs are the same. I allready did such changes.

It is possible to install 700MHz Processors if you have the right system board. Maybe someone can point you to the right board product number.

If you choose Windows 2000 or NT4 you must make sure your version supports all four CPUs. I had some problems to install NT4 Server on my machine. It had problems with to two raid-arrays.

Now I run Linux on the machine and its working great. There you have no/less problems to run a SMP system that uses all 4 CPUs.

Hans-Juergen Lange
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Re: LH4 Processor upgrade

I concur, The processor should be no problem.
The 700mHz is only supported by a systemboard that supports it (the later releases had an upgrade but as far as HP supports, it can not be flashed to upgrade so the board must support it from the factory).
As for NT .vs. 2000 advantages, performance would be the same, as would the processors for that matter unless youwere running some DB ap, then may be a slight edge, but probably not worth the effort
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