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LP1000r, Ghost 6.5, MRAID1M.ROM

Ulrich Roth
Occasional Visitor

LP1000r, Ghost 6.5, MRAID1M.ROM


we are running an HP NetServer LP1000r.
Well, I made an image of the first hard drive with
Norton Ghost 6.5. I realized although there is a
complete Win2k system running, and although
there are three partitions on this hard drive, Ghost
only found one huge file on the whole drive which
is called MRAID1M.ROM and which contains, so I
guess at least, the whole installation.
I found out that in the HP diagnostic partition there
is a file with this name, but it doesn't equal the size
of the disk. I guess MRAID1M.ROM somehow refers
to the NetRaid controllers (AMI MegaRAID control-
lers), but there is only a simple Symbios Ultra 3 PCI
SCSI Adapter (53C1010-33).
If I look at the image with Ghost Explorer, it shows
me only three unknown partitions. I can't see their
Can anybody give me an explanation for this?
Can anybody tell me what I have to do to make
Ghost work correctly?
BTW, a hint for the people who run this site: It'd be
good to have a search function. It takes a lot of time
to browse all 15 pages, and in the end it was in vain.
With best regards and many thanks in advance