Re: Mylex DAC960 & Fedora Core(2) Installation

Imtiaz Nazrul
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Mylex DAC960 & Fedora Core(2) Installation

I have a Netserver LH Plus with a RAID configuratin using a Mylex DAC960P(maybe PD) with
BIOS: 1.41
Firmware: 2.73

I have two 4.2g drives in RAID 1 &
four 4.2g drives in RAID 5

The drives are intiliazed and recognized as system drives during bootup. I've disabled the Motherboard Adaptec SCSI Conrollers since I'm not using them and with the hope that disabling would solve my problem (it didn't).

Whenever I install Fedora Core 2 the installation process hangs on installing the DAC960 driver after it has succesfully installed the aspi7xx driver (I'm not sure of the exact name). At first I thought that since the installer goes to the SCSI controller first, the DAC960 driver was not being recognized. But then I manually chose the DAC960 driver first (by doing "linux noprobe") and it still hangs.

The drives are all ready to go, I did a media check on the CD: no problem.

Please help.

Thank You
Terri Harris
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Re: Mylex DAC960 & Fedora Core(2) Installation

I would recommend posting this question in the LINUX forum (instead of Netserver). You should get a better response with this Linux-specific question.