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NetRaid-3si battery dead?

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NetRaid-3si battery dead?

We have a old p2/450 server that has a RAID 1 drive setup with a NetRaid 3si controller.

Yesterday we had some alarms and rebooting it it gave a NVRAM mismatch. I was able to view the config and save the disk config and system came up fine.

This morning it did it again.

The drives are good, but we are thinking that maybe the battery on the controller is dead or dying? Is there a way to find out? and if so, how hard is it to change the battery?

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Re: NetRaid-3si battery dead?


The battery on the NetRaid controller actually doesn't have anything to do with holding your configuration. The battery is for the cache before the data is written to the hdds from the card. I would recommend flashing fw on the 3si to C.02.03 from

If you still lose config on each boot after flashing the fw of the card you most likely have a failed 3si which will need to be replaced.

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Re: NetRaid-3si battery dead?


the config stored in the netraid is saved in a NVRAM thath means "Non Volatile Random Access Memory"
the "Non Volatile" indicate that it didnt need battery to backup the config