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Netraid Fault and Replacement on LH3

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Netraid Fault and Replacement on LH3


We have an LH3 with a faulty on board NetRaid, whenever we attempt to copy data between the channels the server hard locks and does not recover without a reboot.

We are moving all the data off to rebuild it, my question is can we put a seperate 2m (128Mb) dual channel card into the LH3 without any problems ?



P.S. As we are wiping the server we are not concerened about the nvram disk configuration.
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Re: Netraid Fault and Replacement on LH3

Hi Kane

you can install another controller in your LH3, remember plug into the new controller the scsi cable to hot plug.


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Re: Netraid Fault and Replacement on LH3

Thanks Jorge,

Thats answers 70% of my question, I suppose the real one I am asking is;

Are there any known issues with installing a Netraid 2m into an LH3 with an onboard Netraid ?