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Netserver LC 2000 SCSI Hotswap Problems

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Netserver LC 2000 SCSI Hotswap Problems

I have a Nesterver LC 2000 with 5 SCSI 18gb HDD's loaded in the Hotswap bays connected to a HP NetRAID 1M

RAID is configured and i can write data to it perfectly fine. However, all the status lights on the hotswap cage go red for ~1/2 a sec every ~2 seconds. Also noted that under extended write operations to the drives under Debian causes the system to lock up, claiming a SCSI bus error. System then becomes unusable and has to be reset.

I cant find any reason for the error on the backplane - all the cables are seated securely and the Express Tools on the RAID card shows the disks as all being online and the array being healthy.

Image attached.
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Re: Netserver LC 2000 SCSI Hotswap Problems

Sounds like either SCSI cable or RAID Card problem.

What slot is the RAID card in?

Are you using the factory SCSI cable?

Are drives installed Bottom up or Top down?

I have seen similiar issue with single drive going red but not all of them. Definately sounds like SCSI bus problem.
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Re: Netserver LC 2000 SCSI Hotswap Problems

Drives are installed from the bottom up, the cable i factory supplied original and the RAID card is in slot 1