Netserver LC2000 U3 Netraid Raid 5 array rebuild failure

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Netserver LC2000 U3 Netraid Raid 5 array rebuild failure

I have an old NetServer LC2000 U3 (running Windows 2000) with which gives an error on rebuild of a failed member drive in a Raid5 array.

The Raid5 array consists of (4) 73.4 GB physical drives which created a logical drive size of 210 GB. All drives were used as data space and there was no hot spare.

The physical drive # 0 channel 0 failed. I attempted a rebuild after swapping out the failed drive with a spare. I manually started the rebuild. The rebuild fails consistently at 5% completion. I have tried three different drives with the same results. One thing I noticed when checking properties of all the member drives is that drive # channel 8 has (3) media errors.

Is this the reason the array will not re-build?


I have also added two additional drives.  One is a "hot spare" and the other is "ready".

My question is if I pull the drive with media errors and replace it, will I loose any data? The Raid5 configuration is in degraded mode and it continues to run on the three remaining drives. I know the logical drive will not run on only two physical drives but when the drive is pulled will it use one of the two spare drives to rebuild?

Is the correct recovery procedure to first replace the #8 drive with the media errors, do a rebuild then replace the failed #0 drive and do a second rebuild?

Will the above work, or am I already at the point of not being able to rebuild this array?

One additional fact, this server has a full image backup via acronis.  Would that provide any use in getting the array rebuilt?


I am not very savvy in this area and realize this is a very old machine so I am hoping that someone might have some suggestions.


Replacing the raid controller or back plane do not seem like good options on such an old machine. 

Thank you



Re: Netserver LC2000 U3 Netraid Raid 5 array rebuild failure



what is the  Netraid controller model?

which utility is being used to manage Raid/ array?


Using the NetRAID Express Utility to Perform a Manual Rebuild:

1.If you are in NetRAID Express Tools,  Shutdown and reboot the server and go into “CTRL-M” when you see “For experienced user’s, select CTRL-M for NetRAID Express Tools”. You should be at the Management Menu when you enter CTRL-M.

2.At the Management Menu, select “Objects”

3.Select ”Physical Drives”

4.Use the arrow keys to highlight one drive at a time. Press the SPACE BAR, and then press F2 for drive information. For each drive, write down the size, firmware, and Media Errors and Other Errors.

•If the failed drive has "0MB" capacity, then the drive needs replacement.

•If the drive requires firmware update, then perform that AFTER the array has been rebuilt and the array is in an optimal state.

5.Use the arrow keys to highlight one or more physical drives to be rebuilt.

6.Use the Spacebar to select (or deselect) the drive to be rebuilt.

7.Press F10 to start the rebuilding process.

8.HP recommends NOT rebooting the server until the array has successfully rebuilt completely!


Hope this helps,



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