Netserver LH6000 not rebooting

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Netserver LH6000 not rebooting

Hi all,

I have had some strange issues with my LH6000 systems lately. If the servers (running NT4) are rebooted, they do not come back up. Powering off the server and disconnecting all the cables does not help either. When powered up, I can see the lights on all the drives but there is no activity and there is nothing on the monitor.

The only thing it seems that will bring up the server is to remove the TopTools card. Once that is done, server reboots successfully.

Has anyone out there seen this issue before and knows of a fix.


No idea is irrelevant !
Terri Harris
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Re: Netserver LH6000 not rebooting

Are you doing a remote reboot on this server? Using the RCC card? If so, how are you actually doing this?
If not...

1. What is the firmware version of the RCC card? This will be in the format of B.0x.0x.

2. If not doing a remote shutdown, when you do the NT shutdown, does the server power off? Completely?