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Pb raid5 Netserver LCII

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Pb raid5 Netserver LCII

Sur un Serveur Netserver LCII (pII 266), un disque dur a lache sur le raid 5 . Nous l'avons change cependant il ne veut pas se rebuilder ni en automatique ni en manuel.
Il fait 1% puis le message error s'inscrit et c fini.
A noter que si on le met en hors ligne le serveur demarre correctement. Si on le met en online, le srv ne demarre et reste bloque juste apres le bios scsi.

Comment recreer le raid 5 sans risquer la perte de donnees

NB : le disque dur est ok
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Re: Pb raid5 Netserver LCII

In english ;) (sorry for my poor language)

Problem with raid5 on a netserver LCII

On a netserver LCII, we had change a hdd who is bad. However, the raid5 cannot rebuilt on automatic and manuel mode. It makes 1% and the error message appears.

On fail mode the serveur boot normally but in fail mode server is hold after the scsi bios.

How could we rebuild the raid5 without loose any data

New Hdd is ok
Sean T. Craig
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Re: Pb raid5 Netserver LCII

Hi There,

In most cases, when you replace a failed drive and it won't rebuild, it is because there are errors on at least one other drive.
If you are running Windows on the server, you can use NetRAID Assistant to check the properties of the drives. Correcting the errors is a little more difficult.
If you find Media Errors on one of the drives follow these steps:
1. Make sure you have a good, current backup
2. Power down the server
3. Connect the drives to the embedded SCSI Controller (Adaptec AIC7880)
4. Use A at bootup to access the configuration utility.
5. From the Options Menu, select "SCSI Disk Utilities"
6. Highlight the SCSI ID of the drive with the errors and press
7. Select "Verify Disk Media" and confirm by choosing "Yes"
This will check the surface area of the disk for errors, similar to a thorough scandisk and attempt to remap any bad sectors.
8. When the verify process encounters a bad sector, it will stop and ask what you want to do. Select the option to remap all bad sectors.
9. When verification is complete, power down and connect the drives back up to the NetRAID Controller
10. Boot the server back into the operating system and attempt to rebuild your new drive.

Let us know how that works for you,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

P.S. If you don't have NetRAID Assistant installed, you can download it from this link:
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Sean T. Craig
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Re: Pb raid5 Netserver LCII

Si vous êtes incertain d'un quelconque de ces instructions, laissez-moi savent et j'essayerai de le traduire pour vous.

Bonne Chance,

I am King...of my apartment.
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Re: Pb raid5 Netserver LCII

I concur. There must be either drive errors or data errors on the companion drives of the array. It would be most imperative to replace all the drives and restore from a current backup at this point.
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