RS/12 Management Board dead?

William Ferry
New Member

RS/12 Management Board dead?

I just recently picked up a NetServer RS/12, and it seemed to be working fine, at least I was able to identify and start setting up the drives in it. I pulled the various pieces to move the unit after testing it, and now the green LED on the management board no longer lights (it had lit fine originally). No LED at all lights on the management board, and the PS and SCSI card LEDs go green but on both of the SCSI cards the status LED changes from solid green to blinking red a few seconds after power-up, presumably because they were unable to communicate with the Management Board. I'm now unable to communicate with the RS/12 at all over SCSI.

I see where I can find replacement Management Boards online, but I'm curious if there's any way to tell whether it's really an issue with this board or if the main board in the chassis could have failed, or for that matter if there's any way to "revive" this Management Board. The docs imply that it's hot-swappable, so I don't see why moving the unit would have caused any problems. I have checked that all of the boards are fully seated and the thumbscrews are all tight. I also looked in at the connector between the Management Board and the chassis and the connector looks fine on both ends, no bent pins or anything like that.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. - Will