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Reset NetRAID Card

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Reset NetRAID Card

I have 2 questions

1) i want to reset netraid d4943 card(when i go to netraid bios sistem it's blocking).
i have make firmware update.

2) on netraid 3si i don't see hdd's. (the same hdd's on netraid d4943 it's ok)
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Re: Reset NetRAID Card

Hi Papacu,

What do you mean by reset the controller? If you mean to clear the configuration and recreat the array here is what you have to do :
Before you do anything make sure you have your system backed up fully.
If you have important data in the hard drives disconnect all the hard drives

1. Boot the server in to CTRL + M (the controller might complain that the hard drives in each slot are not responding but that is ok because the hard drives are diconnected)
2. Go to Configure/Clear Configuration and accept the warning
3. Power down server reconnect all the hard drives
4. On boot up you definetly will get a configuration mismatch between disk and NVRAM which is expected (This is because the configuration on the controller is cleared and all the hard drives still have that and during boot up the controller config is checked against the hard drives config which does mismatch)
5. GO to netraid express tools (I believe you can this by pressing any key or CTRL + M)
6. GO to Configure and then Add/View/Delete option and you will get two options
View Hard drive

!!!! Very important
the configuration we have to save is the hard drive configuration. The NVRAM is already cleared and there is no configurtation in the NVRAM

7. Choose the "View Hard drive" and press ESC then save and exit

That should take care of it

For the second problemmake sure the #si card is well seated and the cable that goes from the controller to the drive cage is well seated
If that doesn't work move the 3Si card in to another slot and try again

Amha Kassa
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Re: Reset NetRAID Card

1)on netraid (d4943) when i go to ctrl+M sistem it's blocking
2)om netraid 3si i go to ctrl+M and i don't see hdd's