SNMP crashing on NT4 LPrs

Allen Clark
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SNMP crashing on NT4 LPrs


I have multiple LPr servers running hardend NT4 SP6a (128), Unicentre TNG and TopTools 5.5.

Recently SNMP has been crashing out on each box at random, and often refusing to restart, or will start and then crash out again shortly. Some Dr Watson, some don't. Event logs don't reveal much of use.

The boxes are webservers in their own workgroups, don't communicate with each other, yet they are all very similar in spec and build.

The other, non-LPr servers seem to be running without issue, despite having the same software and patch levels.

Anyone seen this type of behaviour before and know what the problem is?

Many Thanks

Oliver Staehr
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Re: SNMP crashing on NT4 LPrs

Hi Allen,
update to Netserver Agents 5.53 (with the hotfix for the hpnrsnmp.dll !!) or any later version.
There is a bug that causes this behavior in the hpnrsnmp.dll, first fixed with that hotfix.
Regards, Oliver