Second SCSI onboard controller

Marcelo Galeti
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Second SCSI onboard controller

Hello Guys,

I have a LC2000 with a NetRaid-1Si. In this NetRaid card I have 6 HotSwap disks.

I had a look inside the LC2000 box and I saw 2 SCSI channel (named A and B).

Can I use this channel to connect one Internal SCSI disk ? I would like to use a internal disk to not so important files .. swap area and other.
kris rombauts
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Re: Second SCSI onboard controller

Hi Marcelo,

yes you can, it can be used for SCSI disk drives or tape drives, cdrom etc.

It's just a simple (non raid capable) SCSI controller type: Symbios Logic 896 22910 which you can configure if needed at bootup when it displays it BIOS message and press the function key to enter the BIOS config utility.