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Re: TC2120 power supply

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TC2120 power supply

Hello all,

I have a TC2120 that won't power up anymore. It just flashes the green power led and doesn't start. The green led on the motherboard lits up when I plug the power supply on the outlet.

Well, main question is: does this server work with any standard ATX power supply? Or is there a pinout difference between the original power supply (311178-001) and a regular ATX?

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Re: TC2120 power supply

Good question. I think you would be the best judge of that since you have the unit there. From my information, the picture looks like a std PS, but as for the connects, you would have to look at each connector.
HP wants $185 for a replacement and has no eexchange price for the defective unit.
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Re: TC2120 power supply

HP doesn't offer exchanges on these power supplies because they are considered consumable devices. It costs more to fix them than to replace them. Same goes for CD ROM's & most fans.

The 2120 didn't have an auto-switching power supply but had a voltage selector switch on the back. The first thing I would do is move the switch to 230V and then back to 115V.

The fact that you are getting a green LED leads me to believe that the P/S is functioning. Try to strip the unit down to the bare minimum config required for power-up. i.e: remove all PCI cards, all but 1 stick of RAM, disconnect all drives (HDD, FDD & CDROM)and see if it powers up.

If this doesn't work try powering up with no RAM installed. This should generate a beep code indicating that the RAM check failed. If there's no beep, you may have a failed CPU.

Hope this helps,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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Re: TC2120 power supply

I can tell you ...since I just went through this nonsense... that HP will tell you not to use a standard ATX power supply. I was concerned that I was exceeding the 250W limitation on my TC2120 after adding a SATA RAID controller and two add'l SATA drives (the server already had an Adaptec 2100S RAID controller and two 10k RPM SCSI drives in RAID 1).

Since we need 100% uptime on this server... just to be safe I ordered a backup/spare 250W power supply in case the one in my server blew due to me over-taxing it with the additional load. When I got the spare power supply from HP I compared the mobo connector pins with a standard ATX power supply out of an e-machines that I had laying around. They're exactly the same (20 pin). Physically the power supplies are also identical. The specs match the specs of the Emachines power supply exactly. The power supply from HP is made by Lite-On. The power supply from the Emachine is a Bestec.

The only difference that I can see is that the Emachines power supply costs about $30 and the HP costs $170 more.

I now know that I can likely put in a decent 350W or 400W power supply if I ever need to... and this spare one from HP will likely serve as an expensive paper weight. Just watch your temps if you do ever upgrade to a larger power supply... that's the only thing I could think of that would make HP tell me not to use anything other than their spare for this server... because the specs are in no way different than any other 250W ATX power supply. Anyone who mods desktops or servers knows that you can almost always go up in voltage without any negative effects, as long as you use something with reliable burn-in specs, etc... so it won't take out your mobo... and watch your heat.

Re: TC2120 power supply

Hey it worked!!!

I got a Power Supply that has a 250W output rate and the TC2120 is back online!

Thanks all for your help.
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Re: TC2120 power supply

The normal 250 W ATX PSU will work. All connectors and cables are same. SO you will not have any issues in getting it to work.
There is no pinout difference.