Top Tools Remote Card and LH 6000

David D'Biagio
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Top Tools Remote Card and LH 6000

(I'm sorry if there is a thread for this; I searched for a while but found nothing useful.)

I have a NetServer LH6000 u3 and want to install the TopTools remote card in it. I bought the remote card very cheaply, but it didn't include anything other than the card, i.e., no manuals, software, etc. I had to use HP's Partsurfer to get the I2C/IPMB cable.

Now my problem is...I either don't understand where to plug this in, or my system isn't compatible with it. I have the BIOS upgraded to its most recent revision.

I pulled the left-side of the case off (if viewed from the front) and noticed plenty of expansion slots, but no I2C/IPMB connector. Am I looking on the wrong side of the machine?

Please help me! :)