Re: Top tools HP D6028A Help please

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Top tools HP D6028A Help please

Hello- I've searched the archives but find no answers:
I have the latest 2.02 firmware, trying to get email notification to work but it fails when it contacts the mail server. Im guessing its because the mail server requires authorization but I dont see where I enter that information on the top tools card- Mail user name and password??? Anyone know where this is or how to configure it for a mail server that requires auth?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Top tools HP D6028A Help please

Hi Vaps,

you can only point to a SMTP open relay server so their is no user/password authentication needed or looking it from the other side, this card does not allow you to use anything else then a SMTP relay server to send out email alerts.

The SMTP server should be referred to with an ip address, a DNS name does not work.