TopTools Remote and RILO

Ed Williams
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TopTools Remote and RILO


I have 4 LH4r servers and I would like to have the advantage of not rely on PCAnywhere. PCAnywhere is fine but its a service so if it fails your stuffed.

RILO works with a web browser sernario which is quiet neat. Does anyone know if Remote Light Out works on a LH4r ?? or is there a version of TopTools Remote Card which does the same thing ??


T. Vander Auwera
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Re: TopTools Remote and RILO

The LH4r is unfortunately not on the RILOE2 supported server list:


Sean T. Craig
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Re: TopTools Remote and RILO

Hi Ed,

TopTools is what you're looking for. If you have a TopTools Remote Control Card installed, you can download TopTools from this link:

If there's no TT card, or if you just need to monitor the sensors, you can use Instant TopTools without the overhead of the hardware portion. Once installed, you can attach to it over the network using your web browser. Just enter the url in the address bar: http://:280/main_id.html
You can download Instant TopTools here:

Good luck,

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