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What is the meaning of these sense key code

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What is the meaning of these sense key code

Hi All,

I have a quite old model HP server, Netserver LH3000, we get a code inside IML of server with the following "NetRAID: Command completed with check condition on adapter 0, channel 0 and Target ID 9 sense_key= 0 ASC= [No Data] ASCQ= [No Data]. " after we replace a harddisk in ID:9, we try to replace harddisk three times but still shown the same things. Server original 18GB in RAID1 and we repalce a bad one with 36GB and then the code shown in netraid assistant.

We can't find any resources inside HP website to get the meanings of this code.
Also,we get a log inside netraid assistant with the following
"NOTIFY:Check Condition on Ch 0 ID 9 with the following sense key -
70 00 0b 00 00 00 00
28 00 00 00 00 43 00
Is it available to get us a helping hand?

Thanks & Regards,