Which UPS for LXR 8000?

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Which UPS for LXR 8000?

I would like to know how big UPS's (Watts and VA) you people are running using an LXR 8000.

In my case 10 to 15 min uptime is desirable. Logic is that if the power break lasts more than a few minutes, then there is a real problem and it takes 40 min or longer before the power is back.

The LXR 8000 is connected to 240VAC. All three power supplies in the box are connected, six PCI cards, RCC=card, NetRAID-card, NIC and two hard disks are installed. There are no other
expansion racks or whatever connected.

Plugging in the power cord into 240VAC the measured (with DVM across a very small resistance) computer inrush current is 2.99A (and true current probably a bit higher). At this stage the computer is dormant and not yet running.

Pressing the Start button, the current draw is variable with max at about 1.5A. After about a minute it settles to a steady 1.23A (giving 240 x 1.23 = 295Watts).

My concern is that I do not want a too big UPS, but if the UPS capacity is too small, can the inrush current trip it again into off state?


PS. I have asked APC, however I got entangled in the automated answering and hoping for a real person at the other end.
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Re: Which UPS for LXR 8000?

Hi Leif,

try to use the following configurators:



The solutions of the configurators are a good reference value for planning the new UPS.


PS: Pls don't forget the points - thanks. :-)