booting problem

Ramesh P
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booting problem

In HP netserver lc2000 with windows 2003 o/s not booting in first screen itself it hange no response from the keyboard and monitor got green led
Sivakumar TS
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Re: booting problem

Dear Ramesh,

I suspect the system board. Please check the SMPS voltages also, if all voltages are not correct then also it would lead to this condition.

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Sean T. Craig
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Re: booting problem

Hi Ramesh,

When troubleshooting an issue like this start by stripping the system down to the bare minimum configuration. It would also help to know at which point in the POST the system hangs. If it hangs at "Firmware spinning up drives", it means you have a hard drive that is not responding and hanging up the controller.

If it says "Firmware Initializing, then the RAID controller is probably suspect. In this situation, I always start by reseating the cache module on the RAID controller.

If none of these conditions exist or if the lockups are in different sections of the POST, it could be a thermal lockup. If the server has 2 CPU's try pulling one of them and then the other.

Let us know what you find out,

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