netserver lh6000r lcd led blinking?

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Peter A. Berger Jr.
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netserver lh6000r lcd led blinking?

I have an HP NetServer LH6000R where the LCD front panel has 3 red LED lights (top, middle and bottom). The top LED is blinking red. I checked the NVRAM log and the last event is "Event log full" "512 System Event"
I cannot figure out how to clear this NVRAM log.
Does this top blinking red LED mean NVRAM log full? How can I clear the log and stop this red LED?
The system is running Win2000.

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Re: netserver lh6000r lcd led blinking?

If you do not have the Services Guide, you should. Get it At:〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=179911&taskId=101&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=50440
But basically. if the Red LED is blinking it means "Immediate attention required due to a failed component in the HP
NetServer. The HP NetServer may not be fully operational, due to this
condition, such as POST errors."
I would get your self a Netserver Navigator CD and load the Netserver Utilities to get to the Event Log Utilities to view and eventually clear the log once you see what has been acting u p and probably filled the log in the first place
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Peter A. Berger Jr.
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Re: netserver lh6000r lcd led blinking?

e4services -
this server is ancient and the cd-rom's/manuals, etc are long-gone. is this application you speak of download-able? sorry if I sounds like a newb -- we use 90% Dell's in our infrastructure -- and this particular box is a legacy application server.
thaks for the tip/help anyways. :)
Sean T. Craig
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Re: netserver lh6000r lcd led blinking?

Hi Peter,

The Status LED's on the front of the server are an indication of the state of the hardware event log. Green means no faults, amber means there is a warning and red indicates a hardware failure. A full event log can also cause this condition.

The log will hold 512 events (0-511) including normal startup events so it will fill up eventually.

There are a few ways of clearing the event log:
1. From Windows: Clear the log using Instant TopTools. If it is not installed, you can get it here:
When you run the utility, click on the Status tab and choose System Event Log on the left side. There will be a button in the top-right corner to clear the event log.

2. Using the hardware event log display utility. This utility is run from a boot floppy that can be created from the download at this link:
This is similar to the above method but it is a DOS-based interface.

You can also do it from the Navigator CD, Diagnostics Disk, or Utility partition but describing the process is more complicated.

Give it a try and let us know how it works.

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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Peter A. Berger Jr.
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Re: netserver lh6000r lcd led blinking?

Sean -- thanks for the tips. HP's Instant TopTools v5.5.5 worked like a charm and diagnosed the issue to be a full log (going back to 2000). i cleared the logs via TopTools, re-ran the checks and the hardware came back clean and green.

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