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usb 2.0

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usb 2.0

ive got a usb 2.0 enabled device plugged into the on-board usb port on a netserver lp2000r.
not surprisingly, the performance isnt too hot, so i want to try plugging a usb 2.0 card into the server.

has anyone else tried this and had any success?
ive had lots of issues before with compatibility of non-hp devices, so im a bit wary.

Re: usb 2.0

I don't think you can ave problem by installing a non HP usb card on the server, the only problem is that you have to find a low profile card (if i don't mistake the lp is a 3U rack server). I think you have to worry that the drivers for the card you install don't cause sistem crashes.
Hope i help you on decision.