vmunix: Cleaning up RK6 port table


vmunix: Cleaning up RK6 port table

Hi All,



The below error was found in syslog.log :


Sep 11 12:56:38 <hostname> vmunix: Cleaning up RK6 port table...


After which certain strange behaviour was observed - rpcbind process crashed, many scripts in inittab stoped running, OTS is going to "STOPPING" state - unable to either stop/start it.


The issue was resolved after reboot.


The issue has re-occurred twice already and hence cannot be ignored as a random one time issue.


Pl provide some information on the below :


  • What does the entry in Syslog mean? Why is it occurring
  • What are the logs that needs to collected to further analyse the issue.
  • What are the aspects that needs to be checked further to find the root cause of the issue.