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B2000 upgrade to WSS 2003

Leonard Thng
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B2000 upgrade to WSS 2003

Hi fellas,

I've got a few queries regarding the upgrading of the OS. In fact i'm going to do a fresh installation of WSS 2003. Just that b4 i do the upgrade, i've got a few questions.

1) I'm going to have a new MSA30 storage attached to the B2000 with 4 x 72GB HDD in RAID 5. The current B2000 have 4 x 72GB HDD in RAID 5 too. I wish to backup the data from the RAID 5 HDDs from the B2000 into the new MSA30 HDDs. What are the various methods i can use to do the backup??

2) After the backup is done, i'm going to destroy the current OS which is in another separate 2 x 36GB HDDs in RAID 1 and reconfigure the RAID and install the WSS2003. My question is will there be any additional softwares required for the installation besides the OS cds?

Advices will be muchly appreciated. THANKS!!