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HPUX NFS Mount to Win2003 Server

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HPUX NFS Mount to Win2003 Server

Hi All,

I have an HP DL380 NAS running Windows 2003 Server in an Active Directory Environment. The DL380 NAS is part of the Active Directory Domain. I have an HP rp3440 server running HPUX 11i that I am trying to mount an NFS drive on. The HP rp3440 is using SFU 3.5 to authenticate against the Active Directory Controller.

Have each Active Directory user log into the rp3440 server and have a personal folder available on the NAS (NFS mount).

I can't seem to find a way to configure the HP DL380 NAS to authenticate users via Active Directory in the UNIX Sharing Section in the Shares Tab. The Windows Sharing Section allows me to enter Domain users for each share (which works fine). The UNIX Mapping Section only seems to allow mapping from a NIS domain to the Active Directory Domain. That doesn't work for me because I don't use NIS to authenticate (I use Active Directory).

When I perform the following on the rp3340:
mount -F NFS -o rw svlnas:/scott /tmp/mount

and the try to access the mounted folder /tmp/mount I get the following error:
NFS access failed for server RPC: Authentication error

Any help would be greatly appreciated.