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NAS b2000 purchase - wise or notwise?

Daniel Gowans

NAS b2000 purchase - wise or notwise?

Our department is considering the purchase of a NAS device, the HP B2000. We are replacing an HP SureStor E Array (about 212 GB raw.)

This device will consolidate some storage from our NT network (15 PCs) and our UNIX/Linux network (4 J6000s, 3 C3000s, 1 1.6Ghz Intel RH 9 box)

The workstations run CAM software using the ODB++ standard. This standard is essentially a database of many file directories, each containing compressed and uncompressed ascii files. The files are read as that portion of the CAM data is accessed. This is on the order of 900 main job directories, each with a directory tree maybe 6-7 levels deep totalling 70-100 directories each.

Right now the workstations each host a database (scary) and NFS is used to network them all together.

The b2000 would be used to consolidate all these databases and provide two large databases. All the workstations will be in very constant communication with the b2000.

I have heard some good and bad things about the b2000 being used in UNIX environments. Are there any better comparable solutions? Should this one work for us? Should I use NFS for the UNIX workstations and normal windows (SMB) sharing for the PCs? I'll need a partition that is shared between platforms. Should this chared partition be SAMBA or NFS? Will I have permissions issues with a main big NFS partition on a b2000 being accessed by UNIX machines with no NIS Server?

Thanks all!