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NAS2000s permissions troubles.

Ian Pennington_1
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NAS2000s permissions troubles.

Sorry, this is a bit long.
I have a Windows NT4 domain. On that I have a SAN using 4100 array. As I was running out of space I bought a NAS2000s setup (Windows 2003 Storage). The NAS joined my NT domain with no problems and I changed no default permissions on the system.
Then the data was migrated from the SAN to NAS using a restore (Brightstore ARCserve 11). Shares were recreated and users connected to the data, but got read only access!
We then robo-copied the data from SAN to NAS, same error, read only!!
If you check the permissiond of the files from a client (NT4) there are no read only permissions shown. BUT, if you look at the files from the NAS server itself then the folders and files show read-only. If you de-select the read only, close the permissions, then re-open the permissions, the read only attribute is ticked again!
enough to say that this is causing major headaches!
As for a solution. I CANNOT get rid of the NT domain structure, or add any form of Active directory. So any ideas out there??
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Re: NAS2000s permissions troubles.

I have had the same problem. The problem comes for the shares permissions. I have given write access to the share to solve it. But Il have the same problem if I deselect the readonly in the securities.